public struct ConditionalActionBinding<FeatureType, ActionType> : CustomDebugStringConvertible where FeatureType : ConditionalFeature, ActionType : Action

A binding of feature and action for a conditional action that may not be available at runtime, depending on other factors e.g. feature flagging or IAPs.

You can call request() on such a binding to see if its available in order to perform it:

public class TimelineFeature: ConditionalFeature {
    public static var availability: FeatureAvailability = .runtimeEvaluated

    public static var description: String = "Maintains an in-memory timeline of actions for debugging and reporting"

    public static var isAvailable: Bool? = true

    // ** This creates the conditional binding **
    public static let loadData = action(LoadDataAction.self)

    public static func prepare(actions: FeatureActionsBuilder) {
        // Declare the action to  Flint

... elsewhere when you need to perform the action ...

if let request = TimelineFeature.loadData.request() {
    // Perform it in the main session. Use `ActionSession.perform` to use other sessions.
    request.perform(withInput: input, presenter: presenter)
} else {
    fatalError("Should not have been able to chose this action, feature is disabled!")


This is a completely discrete type from StaticActionBinding so that you cannot call perform with a conditional action, you must first request the conditional action using this binding, and then call perform with the VerifiedActionBinding received from that.
  • Declaration


    public var debugDescription: String { get }
  • Get a conditional action request if the feature of this binding is currently available. Otherwise, returns nil and the action cannot be performed.





    public func request() -> VerifiedActionBinding<FeatureType, ActionType>?