public class Timeline : ActionDispatchObserver, DebugReportable

An action dispatch observer that will collect a rolling buffer of N action events, and can notify observers when these entries change. Action requests are converted into audit entries that are immutable, so the values of action state and other information are captured at the point of the action occurring, allow you to see changes in the action state over time through the log.

This is a high level flattened breadcrumb trail of what the user has done in the app, purely in action terms. No other logging is included, so this is suitable for inclusion in crash reports and support requests.

Use this to capture the history of what the user has done. You can use Flint.quickSetup or manually add this observer with:

Flint.dispatcher.add(observer: TimelineDispatchObserver(maxEntries: 50))


Flint.quickSetup which will add this dispatcher for you automatically.