Releases and announcements

A brief summary of Flint’s recent changes and significant events.

July 16th, 2018

Early Access 1.0.2 ea-1.0.2

  • New `ConditionalFeature` can now be a `FeatureGroup`
  • New `FeatureGroup` can also define `Action`(s) and be `URLMapped`
  • New `FlintLoggable` protocol for input types of actions for better debug info
  • Preventing warnings from App Store review about missing `NSContactsUsageDescription` and `NSCalendarsUsageDescription` keys
  • Nicer function signatures for `perform()`ing actions
  • The `linkCreator` now automatically creates even if you don't have both a custom URL scheme and an associated domain
July 1st, 2018

First tagged version with improved error handling ea-1.0.1

  • New `ea-min.maj.patch` tagging scheme
  • New error handling functions that use `fatalError`
June 28, 2018 site goes live 🎉 new

  • Documentation integrated
  • API jazzy docs integrated
  • New logo
Apr 24, 2018

Version 1.0 Early access

  • First public push of source code