Community Resources


We have a community Slack you can join to get help and discuss ideas around using Flint.

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You can subscribe to the Flint newsletter for occasional updates on Flint’s development, how-to articles and videos etc.

Example projects

You can find a sample application built with Flint in the FlintDemo-iOS repository.

Issue tracking

We use Github issues to track bugs and feature requests.


We welcome and encourage contributions!

Please join the Slack and raise issues on Github to discuss your ideas and get assistance.

Code contributors to date… pretty much just me so far. However this does not reflect the huge contributions through help and discussion from many people in the Apple developer community, including but not limited to Rob Fahrni, Matt Tancock, Scotty, Kyle Sherman, Michel Fortin, Daniel Jalkut and Matthaus Woolard and Adam Hinks my favourite designer who made our logotype.

  • marcpalmer
    Marc Palmer
    Project lead

We keenly await your pull requests so that you can be listed above! Join us on an interesting and challenging journey in cross-platform Apple app building with a progressive pure-Swift framework.