It's alive

We’re pleased to launch this first version of the official site for Flint! While there is plenty more work to do, you’ll find the documentation guides here as well as generated Jazzy API docs for the framework, and we’ll start posting articles on the blog here soon as the project progresses over the summer.

For those interested, this site is generated with Jekyll, with a script that pulls down the Flint code from Github to build the Jazzy docs, and also checking out the markdown documentation from the public Flint-Documentation repo to be built as part of the Jekyll site. This means public code repositories can be updated as normal, and we just regenerate this site to update to the latest documentation when there’s a new release.

Get in touch with me @marcpalmerdev or on the Flint Slack

Interview about Flint on iDeveloper podcast

On episode 187 of iDeveloper podcast we talk about Flint's origin and goals