URL Mapping bug fixes in Flint ea-1.0.6

Following hot on the heels of EA-1.0.5 which added Siri Intent support, this is a bug fix release that tackles a slew of unfortunate URL-mapping related bugs that were discovered today, as well as some other minor issues from 1.0.5.

  • Multiple URL mappings on the same feature would not be recognised #229
  • URL mappings always required a slash prefix in the incoming URL, but now we support myapp:doSomething as well as myapp://doSomething #229
  • Actions performed as a result of an incoming URL would not report their completion, typically resulting in the process locking up waiting for it to complete #229
  • Intent donation would erroneously report an error to the log even when things succeeded
  • Print logger was printing double carriage returns to stdout since the switch to the new log event formatter #230

Thanks to Alvin Choo for finding these and submitting unit tests and a proposed fix in a pull request.

All the API and guide documentation has been updated at flint.tools, as has the Flint Demo project which now supports adding voice shortcuts to open specific notes.

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